If you are searching for pocket tanks deluxe MOD APK So that you are on the right page. Today in this article we are going to give you the complete information about “Pocket Tanks MOD APK”. This Pocket Tanks Deluxe is known as the strategy game which is developed by the BitWise production. This game is a little bit older game, But still this Pocket Tanks MOD APK has its separate fan base. Even personally am also the person who addicted to this game. Similarly to many other popular games on the internet, This Pocket Tanks MOD APK also comes with the many in-app purchases and also some annoying ads which are used to popup your device while your device is connected to the internet.

When you have ever played this amazing game, Then you need to know how much this game is cool. At the time when you have downloaded all 500 pocket tanks deluxe weapons, In that case this Pocket Tanks Deluxe MOD APK. will unlock all the deluxe weapons packs So that you can able to beat any of your opponents very easily. Coming to visual graphics of the game, It is where the game lacks a little bit. Except that remaining of the game is really very impressive and interesting.


Comming to game it is very straight forward, The only thing that you have to do is you need to start the game and then select the weapons, Now start fighting with opponents, It is very difficult to win in this game. Definitely you need some time to understand the game how it going to work. At the time when you are playing this game in the free mode, you can able to unlock the 30 weapons, But when you want to unlock the other weapons you need to pay some bucks to the developer unlock those weapons, So that case by using this Pocket Tanks Deluxe MOD 500 weapons unlocked APK.

Information About The Pocket Tanks Android Hack MOD APK File:

App Name Pocket Tanks MOD APK
File Size31.3 MB
Latest VersionV2.3.1
Operating systemAndroid 4.4 and above
DeveloperBitWise Productions LLC
Last UpdatedFeb26, 2018

Major Features Of The Pocket Deluxe MOD APK:

  • Light Weight game: Usually this Pocket Tanks is a very small size So that it can able to use fewer resources just to run on a smartphone. At the time when you are playing this Pocket Deluxe on an old Gingerbread Android operating system with a 512 MB of RAM. Surely this game won’t be lag on that device.
  • Strategy: This Pocket Deluxe MOD APK has an amazing strategy, When you want to win this game, by using the practice mode you can able to learn all the techniques to win the game. So that you need to use those techniques to beat your opponent. Most importantly when the game is very easy then you will get bored soon.
  • Deadly Weapons: Generally, the game will come with a few weapons that are free unlocked in it. You can able to use them just to fight against your enemies. When you want to boost your performance. So, in that case, this Pocket Tanks also providing in-app purchases weapons pack, You need to purchase them when you are going to unlock them. Today in this MOD APK we have unlocked all the weapons you need not worry, So now you can able to play this game like a boss.
  • Unlimited jump jets: In this latest Pocket Tanks MOD apk you can able to find the unlocked jets, So, in that case, you can abe to move anywhere when your opponent attacks on you. So it is very difficult for your opponent to beat you.
  • Background Music: This Pocket Tanks will come with very impressive music in the background. And also in this Pocket Tanks Modded APK you can able to find the excellent music which you can able to change in this game manually.
  • No Root Required: When you are downloading this amazing application on your Android there is no requirement to give root access. You can able to install and use it very simple by following the below steps.
  • Unlocked in-app Purchases: In this pocket tanks moded apk comes with an almost IAP unlocked. You can able to benifit from each and everything in this game.
  • Unlocked Digger: When you are playing this game for the first time, then you need to know that it will provide a digger which helps you to move in the underground, This digger has few limited moves. It becomes very hard to use them when you needed, So in that case in This Pocket Tanks, MOD apk have moded so you can able to use them for unlimited times.

Downloading And The Installation Process Of Pocket Tanks MOD APK:

  • In your first step, you need to download the APK file from the Download link which we have provided in this article.
  • Now you need to install the APK file. when your installation has blocked, In that case you need to enable the installation from the unknown sources.
  • When you want to enable it you need to visit the settings>security. Then you need to scroll down till you find the allow unknown source then you need to enable.
  • Now you can able to install the APK.
  • When you complete the successful installation then launch the game. enjoy playing this game.

Final Verdict:

Pocket Tanks is known as the fast-paced artillery game which is easy to learn and fun to master. And it is also perfect for friends and family. You can able to find your self on the run for hours play, and also burry your opponent on the mouth of earth otherwise assault him with a barrage of bullets. You can able to visit the weapon shop before the battle. In that way, you are going to have a lot of fun and entertainment in this, And also by using this Pocket Tanks MOD APK you can able many other features which we have explained in this article.