In recent years, when you want to download a video from a youtube to your android smartphone or tablet is really a dangerous task. But in these they are a number of different applications are available to download. Mostly they are a wide range of tools are available, but in this, they are only a few are easy to use, and with a well-designed interface.

Generally, Peggo is known as a digital video recorder, which is used to record MP3 and MP4 of your favourite youtube videos and also the sound cloud tracks. Usually, Peggo is packed with great features such as volume, normalization, unwanted silence removal, metadata, discovery, integrated search, sub-track offsets, and also the artist and title tags. They are some more few things which make Peggo apk more special.

  • Its high-quality MP3
  • It is used to record videos too.
  • Volume normalization.
  • metadata discovery
  • Sub-track support
  • ID3 tags
  • No obnoxious advertisements
  • Real-time recording
  • Integrated search
  • Bookmarklets
  • Audio quality

These are the major features which make Peggo more special.

Best Way To Use Peggo To Download The Videos:

According to earlier days, In these days downloading the videos from youtube is very easy. Mostly this application is very helpful to you to download the videos from the youtube. They are two different methods to do they are, You can able to input the URL from which you want to download the contents, And also you can able to search by artist name, song or the album. In your second case, you need to follow the below instructions to download the videos from the youtube.

  • In your first step, you need to type the term which you want to search such as singer, band, album, etc. in the search box.
  • After that, you have to do redirect immediately to results on youtube or sound club which match your result.
  • Then you need to choose the video which you want to download or the audio which you want to extract.
  • If in the case when you want to download the audio. then you need to choose the option record audio and then hit on the blue button which is labeled record MP3.
  • In some cases when you want to download the video then you need to choose the option record video and then hit on the green button which is labeled as Record MP4. with choosing the record video resolution.
  • Finally, in the download tabs, you can able to see all the videos and the songs which are downloaded to play them when and wherever you want.

Whenever you are thinking to download Peggo apk when you completed once downloaded, then you need to enable installation from the unknown sources. When you enable the installation from the unknown sources then it is able to allow the installation apps from sources outside of app stores, which is directly from the Peggo.

Installation Process Of The Peggo APK:

  • Firstly you need to enable the installation from unknown sources. In that case, you need to open the settings from the home screen or from the app launcher.
  • After opening the settings, in that scroll down then you will find a security option hit on it.
  • In this security, you are going to find unknown sources tap on it and enable the installation.
  • At the time when you tap on the unknown sources then you will find a confirmation dialogue in your screen it is ok, then tap on the ok button.

By using the installation from unknown sources enabled, so that now Peggo is ready to use, Peggo is now simply installed, then open the downloaded Peggo.apk apk is nothing but Android application package.

  • Whenever you want to open the Peggo.apk, first you need to open the downloads from the home screen or from the app launcher.
  • Then find and hit on the Peggo.apk

Finally, proceed with the installation. When you use a screen dimmer, then you need to pause it to install Peggo. Because of the different security reasons, Android is used to prevent app installations, because when apps that paint directly to the screen, such as screen dimmers are running, So that you can able to resume the screen dimmer, after the completion of the Peggo is installed.

Generally, Peggo is a free application that facilitates the recording of audio files from youtube and Soundcloud, which can be saved to a device and also accessed offline. When you being able to download audio at youtube’s highest quality settings, And also most of the users of Peggo can able to choose to convert specific sections of the given video or the audio file. , Mostly Peggo used to normalize the volume and also used to eliminates the silence during conversion. And the most important fact is that it automatically downloads the album art and also the artist’s information to your device which is a nice touch.

Usually, Peggo streamlined design, range of features and also whopping 1080p HD output which make it a solid alternative to the other video to MP3 apps and online conversion tools. In that case, certain restrictions are in the place unless you subscribe to the pro version, In such cases registering for an account with a valid email address used to remove many of these applications.

Latest Information About The Peggo APK pro

App Name


Latest version

Operating system requirements



Peggo APK



Android 4.1 and above



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Finally, Peggo apk is one of the best apk which allows you to download your most favorite and likely videos from the Peggo apk app. The simple thing that you have to do just you need to paste your video titles and also link search in the apk and download it. Most importantly Peggo apk is truly legal to use but it is not available in the google play store and also in the app store. And Peggo apk is 100% free to use. And also Peggo apk is completely free from each and every viruses and It will never hurt your smart devices.