GTA is an extremely exciting game. You must have played it if you are a game enthusiast. I’m talking about the Grand Theft Auto Series, a popular RockStar video game franchise. In which the Grand Theft Auto 5 possibly is one of the most famous GTA games.  More than five GTA variants have been published in the last 20 years since the first launch in 1997. The majority of them succeed when millions of games are attracted all over the globe. At first, only PC and console games were available. However, Rockstar Games has introduced portable variants of the game in the latest releases. Most games are paid. Many individuals purchased Google Play. The opinions are generally good.

If you have no gaming computer, Laptop or PS4/Xbox One, it is not a problem because on your Android smartphone you can play GTA 4. In this article, we provide links in which the official version of this game is 100 percent safe to download. We will provide you with detailed instructions for you if you have no expertise in installing games on Android.

About the GTA 4 for Android

The Grand Theft Auto 4 is a mobile franchise game available for the operating system of Android from the Rockstar Games. As you understand, RockStar is one of the world’s most famous businesses for game development. The GTA 4 Apk Series is the biggest contribution to this achievement. Not only kids, but most young people like to play GTA. While warnings of violence were made in the game, global experience with GTA is highly impressive and addictive. Probably we don’t need much proof if you’ve played a past variant of GTA. If you’re looking for GTA on the Play Store, no results are returned because this game is not available in app stores. That is why we give you the way to install and download the GTA 4.

Download Android GTA 4 APK+ OBB

Firstly, you must know that Google Play doesn’t have GTA 4, you shouldn’t spend your time looking for that. This game isn’t also available on the RockStar homepage because it doesn’t work for Android OS. But it’s easy for your Android Smartphone to download and install. We found the required files to install this game. Then we uploaded it and shared it with you. You will need to access 2 files, including APK and OBB before GTA 4 installed on Android.

It’s all we know about GTA 4, really interesting, isn’t it? We bet you are interested, so don’t delay until you download it on your Android smartphone and install it. As promised, we have a link to access the APK file straight from this game. We’ll demonstrate to you how to download and install it on your Android phone free of charge. Follow the following measures:

  • Download all our supplied files. Save it to your smartphone.
  • install APK. If there is an error, a further move needs to be taken.
  • Security Access Settings. Here you find the option “Unknown Source” and press it to turn it on. Now return to step 2 and without any problems, you can install the APK file.
  • You can see the game icon that happens in App Draws after an effective installation. Do not open it because the OBB folder needs to be copied and then the game can function.
  • Extract the OBB from directory known as com.rockstargames.gtaiv. Drag it to the sdCard: the OBB / Android route.

Final Words

Finally, your Android smartphone has effectively installed GTA 4. You can now open up and enjoy the marvelous game world. YouTube has many directions to assist you to install Grand Theft Auto 4 free of charge. But generally they’re not finished. The material is outdated sometimes. This is why we have released this post to direct you to access and install GTA 4 on Android easily. Do not forget the measures we have taken exactly because only a tiny mistake can inactivate the game. Please submit a comment below if you have any concerns about the game.